Industry Specialists

Energeia provides research advisory services to organizations focused on the latest energy technology and electricity industry.

Energeia brings together a group of hand-picked, highly qualified professionals with demonstrated track records of success within the energy industry and energy specialist academia across Australia, North America, Asia and Europe.

We offer a high performance team with a track record of delivering unique and cutting edge projects in the following areas:

  • Energy Policy and Regulation
  • Demand Management and Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Product Development and Pricing
  • Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure
  • Distributed Generation and Storage Technologies
  • Smart Networks and Smart Metering
  • Wholesale and Retail Electricity Markets
  • Energy Data and Analytics

Our energy-only focus helps ensure that our research and advice reflects a deep understanding of the issues, and is often based on first-hand experience within industry or as a practitioner applying theoretical economic and engineering concepts in an energy context.



Ceri Walbran, President and CEO

After years of managing a team of top performing recruitment or human capital consultants at Michael Page International, Ceri joined the founding team at Energeia Australia in 2009. Their goal was to pursue a gap foreseen in the professional services market for specialist information, skills and expertise that would be required for the industry’s transformation over the coming years.

With her knack for finding and connecting people with the right skill set and expertise to join their driven team, Ceri’s own background and skill set were instrumental to the company’s success as a start-up in the highly competitive consulting space.

Following the successful launch and growth of Energeia becoming the foremost energy specialized consulting firm in Australia, Ceri expanded Energeia’s operations to California in 2015.

Once in California, the Californian market responded strongly to Energeia’s unique philosophy and value proposition geared towards those at the forefront and cutting edge of the energy sector. And it continues to do so.

Today, Ceri oversees a team of 16 experts in both Australia and California who thrive on the challenge of tackling and solving the energy industry’s hardest and most important problems.

Ezra Beeman, Consulting Director

Ezra Beeman specializes in business strategy, asset transactions, contract structuring, energy and information technology, market design and industry regulation for major oil, gas and power companies across Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region.

Ezra’s career at Ausgrid spanned a number of strategic and internal advisory roles, where he helped propel the company into a position of international leadership in new technology deployment. During his time there, Ezra built a reputation for tackling some of the company’s toughest challenges and achieving exceptional results.

In addition to his consulting and utility experience, Ezra is an internationally recognized expert on smart grids, wholesale and retail markets, customer research, and demand response.

Ezra holds a Masters of Applied Finance, Macquarie University, NSW Australia and Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College, United States

Joshua Fujii, Analyst

Joshua is a key member of Energeia’s modeling and research team, with experience in data analysis using Excel, Python, MySQL, QGIS, and Tableau. He has a deep understanding of multi-variate regression analysis. Joshua manages the consulting and research arm of the US office.

Joshua has been integral in multiple high-profile project engagements, such as spearheading the development of the electric vehicle uptake and charging demand forecasts, designing cost reflective and DER inclusive rates for electric bus charging, and optimizing distributive energy resources for a large public utility in California.

Joshua holds a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Economics from the University of California, Davis.

Miles Butler, Analyst / Technical Lead, uSim

Miles Butler is a technical generalist with a formal background in physics. He has two years of experience applying analytical and computational techniques to solve problems in the energy industry.

At Energeia, Miles concentrates on advanced computation techniques and software engineering. He is responsible for managing the development of Energeia’s agent-based utility simulation platform, uSim. His skills and core competencies include analytical modeling, software engineering, advanced mathematics, machine learning, and the design and implementation of large-scale data pipelines.

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