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We provide energy businesses with the expertise and resources to accelerate their transformation to more efficient, effective, and profitable solutions in resources, networks, retailing, policy, and regulation

What We Do

Energeia supports energy businesses through the climate-saving transition to more efficient, sustainable, and equitable solutions with decades of specialist experience, research, datasets, tools, and methods.

Industries we serve

Policymakers and Regulations

Make holistic decisions with cross-sector policy optimization, impact analysis, cost-benefit assessment, stakeholder consultation, and whole-of-system impact, emissions, and cost modelling

Generation and Fuel Supply 

We offer end-to-end electricity system simulation, pricing, and load forecasting, integrated distributed and consumer resource planning, network tariff analysis, and zero carbon fuel assessment, including hydrogen 

Transmission and Distribution

Integrated system and grid planning, unregulated opportunity assessment, tariff strategy and rate design, regulatory proposal support, spatial forecasting support, and business visioning

Energy Retailers 

Customer needs and competitor position analysis, product mix and pricing, organizational design, partnering advice, business modeling, implementation planning, and business case development

What Our Clients SAy

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Optimizing Behind-The-Meter (BTM) Rates and Incentives

As rooftop solar PV, battery storage and ultimately, vehicle-to-x technologies, create generation alternatives and the means to store energy, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential ...

Removing Building Electrification Barriers

Buildings account for a significant portion annual emissions, due to burning of gas for water and space heating, and for cooking.

Identifying a Least Cost CO2 Pathway

Be inspired to rethink CO2 emission analyses and its role in creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for everyone. Specifically, hear about cutting-edge methods ...

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services and practice areas

Energeia offers consulting and technical services from load forecasting and system planning to business case development across the electricity, natural gas, and transport sectors through our decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization practice areas.