Ezra Beeman joins panel at Sacramento CleanTech Showcase 2022

Energeia’s Ezra Beeman joins as a panelist in a discussion at the CleanTech Showcase

About this event

Energeia’s Ezra Beeman joined as a panelist in a discussion at the CleanTech Showcase 2022 on April 22, 2022.

The showcase featured startups, innovators, and industry experts through talks and panels exploring the need for a carbon-free future, opportunities, the current state of climate tech, utility supply, and customer demand.

Ezra joined the discussion on utility supply on utility supply focused on adding resources — innovations in renewable generation, load control, and storage.

The Sacramento CleanTech Showcase is an annual event powered by CleanStartStartupSac, and SMUD.

[1] A number of plans refer to themselves as integrated, but do not endogenously model consumer behavior.

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