Ezra Beeman joins panel at CleanTech Meetup: Flexible-Load and the Grid

Energeia Managing Director Ezra Beeman joined CleanStart Inc for an in-person Cleantech Meetup on May 12, 2022 at the Hacker Lab

About this event

The future of the Grid is reversed. Historically the Power Grid was about matching Supply to Demand, by generating more power The future is about adjusting demand. Reducing it when supplies are low AND increasing it when plentiful. All of this fits under Flexible load

There are a host of technologies being worked on to achieve this. Vehicle-to-grid, or V2G, technology is smart charging tech that allows car batteries to give back to the power grid. Battery banks in homes work to achieve the same thing. In essence, it treats these high-capacity batteries as not only tools to power EVs and homes but backup storage cells for the electrical grid. Join us for an in-person meetup where we’ll discuss advances in the future of the technology with public utility, SMUD.

Join other clean tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and businesses along with CleanStart as we work together to turn our region into a Clean Tech Hub!


  • Denver Hinds, R&D Project Manager, Smart Energy Technologies, SMUD
  • Ezra Beeman, Managing Director, Energeia

For more information and to register/buy your tickets, visit the event page here.

[1] A number of plans refer to themselves as integrated, but do not endogenously model consumer behavior.

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