Silicon Valley Set to Measure and Track Greenhouse Gases (GHG)

Energeia helped Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) track and measure progress toward Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction goals

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) is accelerating California’s transition to clean energy by providing customers with clean alternatives to PG&E electricity generation. As part of this mission, SVCE conducts annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions accounting, modeling, and forecasting to measure and track the golden state’s progress toward GHG reduction goals.

SVCE engaged Energeia among others to conduct a review of SVCE’s current GHG accounting and forecasting methods and transition their reporting from an annual to an hourly measure.

As part of this process, Energeia reviewed SVCE’s existing GHG accounting and forecasting methodologies and identified areas of improvement for key sectors and model inputs. Energeia also engaged with stakeholders and subject matter experts at SVCE to gain a deeper understanding of the desired use cases and outputs of an updated model.  

Energeia validated these findings through best practice research of third-party GHG accounting and forecasting models to identify a comprehensive list of GHG sectors, subsectors, and abatement options that align with SVCE’s use.Energeia recommended improvements to SVCE’s transport, building, and electricity sector forecasting methodologies allowing SVCE to transition from annual to hourly reporting. These improvements would provide higher accuracy and add an avoided costs and emissions component to their model for further optimization.

SVCE is currently in the process of developing new GHG accounting and forecasting models in line with Energeia and AECOM’s recommendations.

F0r more information or to discuss your specific needs regarding GHG emission analysis, please request a meeting with someone from our team.

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