The Fresno Council of Governments’ (FCOG) Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan (EVRP) was developed
to identify locations for electric vehicle charging infrastructure and ultimately contribute to increased
local electric vehicle adoption. The EVRP development was led by FCOG in partnership with the Fresno
County Rural Transit Agency (FCRTA) and funding from Caltrans. To inform siting recommendations,
the document includes the results of technical analysis driven by electrification trends and forecast.
The analysis included an assessment of barriers to electrification, an evaluation of expected electric
vehicle adoption, expected emissions reductions, types of chargers recommended for specific sites,
and magnitude of cost for implementation of a robust charging network within Fresno County. The EVRP
was developed with active stakeholder participation and reflects FCOG’s commitment to community
engagement to ensure that recommendations appropriately capture local priorities.

Read the full report here.